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We aim to be for systematic traders & serious investors. Our advice is based on high quality data analysis supported with technical analysis and powered with hedging.

Data Backed research

In depth analysis of open Interest, volume, put call ratio, option chain analysis, etc as a first filtration of direction (trend).

Technical Analysis

Moving averages, support & resistance, RSI, MFI & ADX etc are the technical parameters used as a second filtration of the trend.


In the 1930s, economist John Maynard Keynes said: “Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." At times we may go wrong with knowledge, hence hedging tools (wisdom) to protect the capital.

mymoneyguru advisory services

Only for high risk HNI traders & Small case for retail investors.

Option Buying Strategies

Option buying strategies based on technical indicators through spreads in index and stocks.
For Whom - HNI FNO Trader
Risk - Very High

Future hedging through Options

Future hedging strategies are weekly strategies to trade the direction for the week.
For Whom - HNI FNO Trader
Risk - Very High

Option Selling Strategies

Option Selling strategies based on technical indicators through spreads in index and stocks.
For Whom - HNI FNO Trader
Risk - Very High







Welcome to MyMoneyGuru

SEBI registered investment advisory firm by qualified CFA(ICFAI) having experience of 14+ years in the stock market. Our motto is simply to maximise profits and minimise risk (loss).
Like in the epic Mahabharata, Arjuna would not have won the battle if Krishna was not there to guide him, revealing the true meaning of good mentorship and the role of a mentor in an individual’s life. In the same way, we will work as a mentor in steering your investment towards wealth creation.


What makes us unique?.

Our endeavour is to create a community which makes educated decisions to trade/invest in the equity markets.

Our three way matching trade setups

We assess our data analysis on technical indicators and use hedging tools to protect the trading capital.

Knowledge of Hedging

Hedging is the powerful tool we pass to our people to trade with.


Stay focused on your trade.
Avoid Mistakes

If we avoid mistakes, wealth will be made consequently. We, with the help of our unique three way trade setups, focus on avoiding mistakes & not being adventurous in the equity markets.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

"If you think wellness is expensive, try illness"

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Option Buying Strategies

Option Selling Strategies

Future Hedging through Options

Currency and commodity strategies

Quarterly results F&O strategy

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Includes all the benefits of a quarterly and half yearly plan.

Plan validity - 30 calendar days

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How will I get your calls?

You can register your username and password on our website or mobile app (play store) and complete your compliance requirements (KYC and Risk profiling etc), choose your subscription plan to activate your services.


Will I get money back in case I do not find the site useful?

No, we do not have a money back policy and hence there would be no refunds. Please read the disclaimer, disclosure, Terms of use, privacy policy & refund policy carefully before subscribing and subscribe if sure about membership.


Do you provide trading calls on whatsapp and telegram?

NO, we don't provide any trading calls through whatsapp and telegram.


What return do you guarantee if I follow your recommendations?

We do NOT guarantee any returns that you can make based on our recommendations. Our past performance is also not any guarantee for future returns.