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A mid-sized solution for businesses undergoing rapid user growth.

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A farm of machines entirely dedicated to your company's storage needs.

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MyMoneyGuru is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory having registration number INA100010402. We only provide advisory to our clients through our website mymoneyguru.in by charging Subscription fees. MyMoneyGuru do not offer any execution or distribution services of any nature whatsoever to our clients. Clients are required to handle their funds/portfolio on their own with their respective brokers and they themselves are responsible for execution of their trade on their own. MyMoneyGuru do not have any disciplinary action history against it. Detailed Terms of Use and Privacy policy are available on the website, kindly go through that before registering with us. Investment in the market is subject to market risk, though best attempts are made for predicting markets, but no surety of return or accuracy of any kind is guaranteed. Investment in equity shares, futures, options, commodities, and Index has its own risks. Sincere efforts have been made to present the right investment perspective. Past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. Unforeseen events can cause a stock/commodity/forex to rapidly lose its value so those who purchase stocks/commodity/forex must understand that investing/trading in financial instruments involves risk and could result in the loss of some or even their entire principal in a short period of time.Please note that we does not guarantee or assure any kind of return or profit to our subscribers. Disclosure:- MyMoneyGuru do not guarantee any profit/return & do not provide any profit /loss sharing services.

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