Through the medium of our website, we give recommendations and suggestions to gain from investing or trading in the Indian stock market. After becoming a Member, all sections of the Member Zone can be easily accessed (depending upon the plan chosen), wherein we cover gamut of columns like Trading Tips, Positional Calls, Investment Stocks, Multibagger Stock, Intra Day Calls to name a few. We highly discourage intraday and advise all members to avoid it, thus discourage membership for intraday purpose. Focus is primarily on investment in cash so that Members can earn good returns. Besides this, any query pertaining to any stock will be answered in the Stock Query Section given in their account.
Entire sections of the Member are accessible after becoming a member (depending upon the plan purchased). Trading and investment advice in stocks are offered through following sections: 1. Trading Tips- Best stocks to buy or sell, what price to buy or sell for short term trading. 2. Stock Query- Get answer of your all Stock market related queries. 3. Multibagger Stocks – Stock for creating multiple wealth in the long term. 4. Intra-day Calls – Daily trading for high risk trader. 5. Positional Calls – Holding stock for short period with the purpose of gaining profit.
No, members will get trading calls and recommendations via mobile app, and website only.
No, trading calls and recommendations are not shared on Whatsapp. Members can download our mobile app to view these calls.
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Yes, we do offer trial package for some services.
We do not follow refund or money back policy, so it is important to read our terms and conditions carefully before subscribing our Membership. Moreover, we recommend new members to take 1 month package and try our services before purchasing subscription for long term.
NO returns are guaranteed to any Members. Our past performance is also not an indicator for our future returns. In general, equity investment entails risk, which may or may not deliver returns as anticipated.


Payment can be made by using several options like debit card, credit card, net banking and Paytm. If you have no option to make payment online, send us a request at info@mymoneyguru.in we will make arrangements for cheque/DD payment. We do not accept payment in cash or direct deposit in bank.
As mentioned above, we do not accept cash payments.
No. Request you to make payment via credit/debit card/net banking/Paytm or NEFT.
If money has been debited from your account and subscription on our website is not yet activated, it means payment is not received by us due to network or technical issues. We request to make payment again by using the same username. The amount previously debited will automatically get credited in your bank account or credit card statement within 7 working days.
Our payment gateway is quite secure, so we will try to prevent such cases. Still, if any such case takes place and your credit card is showing payment is debited twice, kindly email the details at info@mymoneyguru.in We will refund the duplicate payment and expedite the process.


Our site clearly states that its content is meant for non-exclusive and limited use by a member only. Commercial use is not allowed. Multiple logging by using same password and username is not allowed at the site. We may limit the restriction on member's account if it is found that the account is being used by a member over multiple devices. In extreme cases, if a member is found violating the above condition, the account may get terminated without any refund.
Subscription is used for personal use only and not for commercial use. If our system detects any access pattern which is suspicious, an OTP is sent at your email and mobile phone which you need to enter. To verify, request you to fill OTP. Moreover, do not click on logout button from mobile/tablet/PC. This helps the system to recognize you during your next visit. Moreover, it will further eliminate the need to make login everytime. Last but not the least, never use incognito or private browsing mode in your browser during login sessions.
In order to login again during the next visit, it is advised not to click on “logout” button once you have finished viewing the site. Due to auto-login, next time the system will recognize you easily.


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Write to us at info@mymoneyguru.in we will try our best to get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Write to us at info@mymoneyguru.in in case of Differences/Dispute, if any.